Christmas tree needing removal

Christmas Tree Removal

Once again it is the time of the year when the family goes to pick the perfect Christmas tree. Once home it sits emitting a pleasant smell all while dropping those pesky needles. After the the holidays pass it sits rotting away causing a headache for all. So who do you call for Christmas tree removal and regain your space? Check with your local trash hauler to see if they offer a curbside pick up for trees. Some cities have contracts where each household receives 1 free tree pickup per year.

In many other cities however this is not the case leaving the home owner to lug the heavy tree outside to rot in the yard. In these cases a junk removal company like ours is the perfect solution to remove your Christmas tree. The tree can be removed from inside the house with trained and insured professionals. If the tree is already outside the junk removal crew can also remove them from anywhere in the yard. After the holidays get your old Christmas tree removed by Johnson Junk Removal without ever leaving your chair.