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Why You Need Junk Removal in St. Paul – Every Situation Explained

It might not be immediately clear why you need junk removal in St. Paul. After all, we don’t really think about junk and clutter during our day-to-day lives. However, when a situation arises when you need junk removal in St. Paul, it’s a sure bet it won’t be leaving your mind anytime soon. Simply put, it’s stressful when you have junk that’s your responsibility to get rid of. You’ll want to get rid of it ASAP—which is why it’s good that there are professional junk removal companies that can help you out.

Because Junk is Everywhere

Sometimes, there’s not really a single instance that led to you needing junk removal in St. Paul. It often just so happens that junk piles up over time, and one day, you’ve finally had enough! A messy basement, attic, storage unit, or garage can really drive you up a wall. Don’t fly off the handle, though. Professional junk removal companies know how to solve these dilemmas.

What’s nice about being able to rely on junk removal companies is that you don’t have to resign yourself to a day of excruciating manual labor. You probably have better things to do than haul junk from sunrise to sunset—so don’t ever hesitate to make a call to a business that can help you out.

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Because Furniture and Appliances Get Old

Just like everything else, furniture and appliances don’t last forever. They wear down over time, and eventually, they break. Even if your furniture or appliances aren’t broken yet, they may simply be outdated. Sometimes, older appliances just don’t get the job done as well as new ones could, and furniture goes out of style and starts looking gaudy. However, removing these heavy items can be tough for obvious reasons!

Don’t have what it takes to carry bulky furniture and appliances out the door and to a disposal site? It’s fortunate that you have easy access to businesses that do. One of the biggest reasons why you need junk removal in St. Paul is because sometimes, junk is too big to handle alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance!

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Because Farming Equipment Needs Updating

Farming is a technology that is constantly evolving. The demand for new machinery and tools is high, and you’ll have to replace your old stuff eventually. However, finding time to dispose of said old stuff can be tricky—especially when you’ve got other tasks to tend to.

The solution? Hiring a junk removal company. Many of these businesses have flexible schedules that best suit your own. It’s also worth noting that junk removal companies can just remove your old equipment while you’re handling your own work. Let us work under your supervision or in the background. It’s your choice!

Because Homes and Businesses are Constantly Changing

Things are constantly changing here in the Twin Cities Area. Homes go through foreclosures, apartments get evicted, businesses close down, and move. These aren’t pleasant circumstances, but they are things that happen, and they have consequences. One of these consequences is that old occupants of a property often leave their belongings behind. Maybe it’s because they left in a rush. Maybe it’s because they didn’t want to bother cleaning up. In any case, the responsibility of cleaning up the mess befalls the property manager.

Frequently, property managers go on to pass this responsibility to junk removal companies. Why? Because property managers already have their hands full, and they would rather spend their time doing what they’re good at doing—managing properties! Additionally, junk removal companies can make the properties clean ASAP. This means new occupants can come to the property sooner rather than later.

Junk Removal Companies are Here to Help

There are many other reasons why you need junk removal in St. Paul in addition to what was already listed. You might be moving out, doing some spring cleaning, tidying up the yard after a storm, and more. While it’s true that there are a few options for free junk removal out there, the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of your junk is to contact a professional junk removal company.

For some of your money, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting; you won’t have to sacrifice your free time; you won’t even have to break a sweat. For all your junk removal needs, Johnson Junk Removal and many other businesses are here to help!

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Free Junk Removal in Minneapolis, MN – Where Can You Get it?

Are you looking for free junk removal in Minneapolis as a way to clean out some clutter and save a few bucks in the process? It can be tempting to call in a favor from your buddies to help move and haul old junk. If you’ve got the time, equipment, and muscle, then it can be a viable option. That’s why we’ve put together this list of resources to help you along.


There are many charitable organizations in the Minneapolis area that run thrift stores as a way to raise money for their missions. Donating goods to these and other charities is a great way to get rid of unwanted items while helping your community.

  • Assistance League. The Assistance League runs a thrift shop where proceeds are used to improve the lives of Minneapolis area children and adults. You can donate gently used or nearly new items by setting up an appointment with their donation center. They do accept furniture donations, but they do not offer pickup, so you’ll have to make a plan for hauling those items yourself.
  • Goodwill-Easter Seals. Our local Goodwill location accepts many different types of items that you may be looking to get rid of. It’s easy to donate by driving through the donation bay, but you’ll need to be prepared to unload all items on your own because they will not offer assistance.
  • Salvation Army. The Minneapolis Salvation Army offers donation pickups that can be scheduled online or by calling the store. This can be a great way to get rid of old items that you no longer need, but accepted items are limited to those in good, working condition. So, if you’ve got appliances that don’t work, electronics that aren’t functional, or other items that are damaged, you’ll need another plan.


Minneapolis and Hennepin County offer public waste services for residents and businesses. These options are certainly not free, considering they come only as part of your regular trash service, but they are often included in the monthly amount you already pay.

  • Yard Waste Pick Up. During certain months, the city will pick up yard debris. However, staffing shortages have resulted in many neighborhoods not receiving such services. If you’ve got green waste that needs to go, then check your route or call the city to find out when and if your collection service will run. Don’t forget to follow all bagging, bundling, and weight requirements as you prep for pick up.
  • Large Item Pick Up. Did you know that the city will take up to two bulky items each week? You’ll need to check the list of accepted items and mark them appropriately for pickup. You are responsible for moving these items to the curb and they need to be there by a certain time so you don’t miss the truck. Please note that staffing shortages are once again affecting services and pickups are running behind, so be prepared for items to sit on the curb for an extended amount of time.


If your items aren’t in good enough shape to donate or you’d rather not deal with the hassle of sorting and prepping for city pickup, then drop-off might be a better option for you. Of course, this free junk hauling in Minneapolis is only free because you have to do all of the work and provide the truck for hauling!

  • Recycling Centers. Hennepin County offers several recycling drop-off locations. This is a great option for getting rid of large volumes of recyclables that you’ve already sorted out and are able to deliver. Only households are allowed to utilize these services. Drop-off is not permitted for businesses, property managers, and other commercial operations.
  • Landfills & Transfer Stations. There are a number of facilities in the Minneapolis area where you can deliver junk, debris, and trash for disposal. The best news about this option is that you have choices, but you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Not all locations accept the same items. Be sure to check online or call ahead to save time, fuel, and frustration.


If you’ve crunched the numbers and decided that it’s not worth your time and effort to sort, move, load, and haul junk by yourself, then maybe free junk removal in Minneapolis, MN isn’t exactly what you need. Maybe it’s time to consider calling in a pro who understands all available resources and can get the job done quickly. Then you’ll never need to worry about pricey fuel costs, unexpected dump fees, and the time and effort that hauling junk requires.

Johnson Junk Removal is a locally-owned and operated junk removal business that offers affordable and convenient options for getting rid of any junk, clutter, or garbage. We haul junk in your Minneapolis neighborhood and many other locations across the area. Our services range from single-item pickups to complicated cleanouts. No matter how big or complicated the removal job might be, you’ll never need to worry about moving junk. We have a full-service team that takes care of everything and our prices are affordable.

Call 651-323-4682 with any questions or use our online booking system to schedule services.


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Free Junk Removal in St. Paul – What Are Your Options?

Why Free Junk Haul Away in St. Paul?

Getting rid of junk is a process that takes up your valuable time. Sometimes, you don’t want to lose money in addition to that! Perhaps this is what started your search for free junk removal in St. Paul. What are all your options? Are they worth pursuing? Let’s figure out the answers to these questions together.

Public Trash Pickup

One of the easiest sources of free junk pick up in St. Paul is, of course, public trash collection. People rely on it every week, after all. And, for the most part, if you can fit your junk into the collection bin, the city will be happy to take it off your hands. Don’t forget to schedule bulky item collection for your larger items, though. These items incur a fee ranging from $10 to $35—not quite free, but not expensive, either.

Dispose of It Yourself

One of the best ways to save money on anything is by doing it yourself. Are you unafraid of doing some physical labor? Then grab your work gloves and start hauling that junk on your own. Make sure you have a vehicle you can load it into, and then take it to a local disposal site. Just bear in mind you may have to pay dumping fees.

Donation Center Pickups

Here’s an idea for a free haul away service. Consider making a donation to an organization such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. When the items you donate are worth the donation center’s while, the pickup will be free of charge. Applicable items include the following:


Minnesota junk removal teamWhy Professional Junk Removal Companies?

If free junk removal doesn’t seem like it will work out, you can always contact a professional junk removal company such as Johnson Junk Removal. With these companies, you can receive premium service from friendly experts. You certainly won’t have to lift any junk on your own.

Keep in mind, though, that these companies are not free. It takes money to run a business, dump junk at a transfer station, and pay for insurance. So you will be asked to pay if you use a professional junk removal company. Between free junk removal in St. Paul and professional junk removal, we hope you can find the best junk removal source for you!