Junk Removal MN

Junk Removal in Arden Hills

For Arden Hills and other nearby service areas located in Southern Minnesota, Johnson Junk Removal is ready to take that troublesome junk and make it vanish before your very eyes. So stop worrying about doing that junk removal in Arden Hills on your own and let the pros handle it for you. We work fast, and for a fair price, too—meaning you can’t go wrong with us. When it comes to service this good, there’s no reason to delay. Call us today!

Doing the Best We Can—For You!

Johnson Junk Removal is a locally owned junk removal company that knows how to beat the nationwide “big box” businesses at their own game. We accomplish this by taking the junk removal field and giving it our own down-to-earth spin—after all, there’s no reason to act robotic on the job. Where other companies seem like zombies in T-shirts, we’ll come to your home or business with clean uniforms and a people-pleasing attitude! 

What sort of work do you need done during your junk removal in Arden Hills? We take many varieties of junk, including furniture removal, garage clean outs, appliance removal, and several more. If it’s on your property and you want it gone, we’ll make space for it in our truck!

Johnson Junk Removal furniture removal

Scheduling an Appointment

Getting us to your front door is a simple process, so follow along…ready? Firstly, you’ll want to pick up your phone and give us a call. When you do, you’ll find yourself speaking with a junk removal company that’s ready to find out how we can help you today. Explain to us the specifics of your Arden Hills junk removal, and we’ll help you out with a useful over-the-phone cost estimate. (This helps you understand our pricing ahead of time—but don’t worry, it’ll be more than reasonable.) Afterwards, we’ll decide on a 2-hour arrival window that works for you. Alright! Now our team is that much closer to getting that junk out of your house.

Junk removal in Arden Hills, MN by Johnson Junk Removal

The Answer to Your Junk Problems

The day we arrive, you’ll realize you made an excellent decision working with us! After accepting our in-person, upfront quote, our team will start moving junk out of your house and into our truck in a flash. Just imagine if you had tried to do all that on your own! Think of all the exhaustion, all the trips to the landfill, and all the time wasted. Clearly, you made a good choice going with Johnson Junk Removal! Almost makes you want to get some Old Southern BBQ takeout to celebrate, right?