Old fridge in need of fridge removal services

Refrigerator Removal Near You

When it’s time to get rid of an old refrigerator, it can prove to be a difficult process! First of all, you’ll have to find some time in your already busy schedule to try lifting it. And then, once you’ve gotten that far, you’ll discover just how heavy a refrigerator can really be! For some people, it’s just too much. Fortunately, the team here at Johnson Junk Removal is more than qualified to handle it for you. When it comes to refrigerator removal, we’ve got you covered. Don’t delay—reach out to us today. We’re ready to assist you.

Junk removal professional interacting with a client

How It Works

At Johnson Junk Removal, we take all kinds of junk from our many service areas in our region. Needless to say, we’ve become quite experienced when it comes to junk removal. In particular, our team is excellent at handling bulky, awkwardly shaped objects, like your refrigerator! Doesn’t matter if it’s upstairs or downstairs. We can remove it from your property and put it in our truck—no problem! To finish up, we’ll take it away for recycling and disposal.

Junk removal professionals in front of their truck

A Full-Service, Quality Team

Our crews at Johnson Junk Removal all take you and your needs very seriously. Our goal is one-hundred-percent customer satisfaction every time, so we’ll also go the extra mile to handle your refrigerator removal with diligence. The sort of service we pride ourselves onisn’t something you’ll ever find at a big box business! Reach out to us for a free over-the-phone cost estimate. It’ll be inexpensive, so you’ll have plenty of cash leftover for a fun day out in Stillwater.

Scheduling Fridge Removal Near You

Ready to start working with us? We’re excited to hear from you. In order to reach out to us, you can call us or contact us online. No matter how you go about it, one of our associates will be delighted to assist you. Your refrigerator removal can be a completely painless process with Johnson Junk Removal, so don’t delay!