If you’re an office manager in the St. Paul area, you can trust Johnson Junk Removal to handle your office furniture removal!

Johnson Junk Removal furniture removal

Office Furniture Removal Near You

Tired of all those old and unused desks taking up space in an extra office? Looking to replace your tables and cabinets but don’t have anywhere to put the old ones? With Johnson Junk Removal, you can have the office furniture removal you need, and as soon as today or tomorrow, too! Our same-day and next-day appointments are a great option when you need that office furniture out of your business as soon as possible. And, what’s more, you’ll get our top-rated services for a price that’s more than fair! Ready to start? Then call us or contact us online today to start scheduling an appointment!

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Save Yourself the Trouble

Attempting to handle that office furniture removal on your own can often be more trouble than it’s worth. Firstly, you’re already plenty busy, and it can be difficult to find a day to move all those desks and cabinets into your schedule. Secondly, hauling heavy furniture all day is a great way to accidentally strain yourself or cause unnecessary damages. Just imagine the fallout from dropping some heavy table when you’re halfway down the stairs!

With Johnson Junk Removal, you can skip the hassle and let us do the tough work. We’ve done plenty of jobs with all sorts of junk, so we know the best way to get the job done. Stairs and bulky items are no match for us. Trust us, we’re the professionals you need!

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Our Pricing

Whether you’ve only got a few pieces of furniture you want gone or an entire truckload’s worth, we’ll give you a fair price that’s proportional to how much junk you have. Our jobs are priced based on how much space is leftover in the truck once we’re done, and it’s as simple as that. Additionally, since our truck’s so large, you can count on us to finish your office furniture removal in one trip. This, in turn, saves you money that you wouldn’t from our competitors. You can’t beat professional and inexpensive all in one package! Plus, with that saved money, you can find something fun to do in town!

Scheduling Your Appointment

Are you ready to start working with us? If so, pick up your phone, give us a call, and wait for one of our friendly Johnson Junk Removal employees to answer. Once they do, you’re already that much closer to getting rid of that furniture. Explain what you’re after, and we’ll gladly get an appointment set up for you, even as soon as today or tomorrow if you want. Furthermore, we’ll give you an over-the-phone cost estimate and a 2-hour arrival window for the day of your appointment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!