Piano removal by a Johnson Junk Removal expert

Piano Removal in Minnesota

At one point, that rickety old piano was a big deal. Maybe it’s in your living room and one of your family members used to be a modern Beethoven. Or, perhaps you’ve found another piano that’s brand-new and not completely out of tune. Either way, it’s time to say farewell to that old piano, but how? It’s so bulky, and you might drop it or hurt yourself trying to remove it. So why not contact Johnson Junk Removal instead? Our piano removal service will get that old thing off your property in no-time. Then, you’ll “C major” changes to your home or business. Just think of all the extra room we’ll leave behind!

Junk removal expert standing in front of a truck

Piano Removal Is Our Forte!

Located in the Twin Cities, we have provided quality, affordable services to the region that make our clients smile. When you book an appointment with us, you’re reaching out to a local business and a neighbor you can trust. So, why reach out to the competition when you can have uniformed professionals do the job at a fair price? When we do your piano removal, we don’t cut corners, scuff your walls, or damage your belongings. The Johnson Junk Removal way is efficiency, kindness, and affordability—every time. So, let’s get that piano out of there! You won’t find better people for the job.

Woman calling junk removal services

Booking Your Appointment

Want Johnson Junk Removal to help with your piano removal? First, give us a phone call or contact us online. One of our employees will be happy to determine the details of your first appointment with you. An over-the-phone cost estimate gives you a general idea how much the price will be. And, a 2-hour arrival window lets you know when to expect our arrival.

When it’s time for us to arrive at your site, we’ll give you a courtesy call so we don’t catch you off-guard. One look at your piano, and we’ll offer up an in-person quote—a number that won’t leave your pockets empty. Next, once you’ve approved the quote, our hauling team will carry that piano up and out of there. It’ll be like a concerto in its own right—you might find yourself cheering for an encore.

Your Piano’s Swan Song

Johnson Junk Removal is ready to get to work on your piano removal today. And, if you’re ready to get rid of that old piano today, then why wait any longer? Just call us or contact us online to make that first step forward. It’ll be quick and painless, and once you see all that extra room, you’ll be glad it happened. Think of all the time you’ll save by leaving the hard work to us, too! Getting rid of that piano but still want to appreciate the arts? Why not check out one of Minneapolis’s several museums and see what piques your curiosity?