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Full-Service Eviction Clean Outs

After a tenant is evicted from one of your properties, you may find yourself faced with a new problem. What’s to be done with the clutter left behind? Sometimes, evicted tenants may leave you quite the mess to deal with. Trash, broken furniture, busted electronics…all sorts of junk. How will you find the time to clean it all up? With Johnson Junk Removal, you don’t have to!

With our eviction clean outs, you can turn that property around and get back on the market in no time. Plus, with our same-day and next-day service, you barely have to wait at all to get the urgent assistance you need. It’s time to tidy things up. Get in touch with us today—we’re ready to help as soon as you’re ready!

Johnson Junk Removal employees hauling futon frame

How Eviction Cleanup Services Work

Our business, locally owned and operated in Stillwater, has been doing junk business long enough to know all the ins and outs. So when you work with us, you can have confidence that you’re working with the professionals! Simply show us whatever you need off the property, and we’ll calculate a no-obligations quote for your approval. After you accept this quote, our hardworking team will be ready to make that property look brand-new again.

After our eviction clean outs are done, you’ll barely be able to tell the place was cluttered just a while ago. Needless to say, that home or apartment will be tidy enough to pass on to your next renter or tenant. A job well done!

Junk removal professional interacting with a client

Eviction Clean Out Prices

With Johnson Junk Removal, you’ll get a better deal than you would with “big box” businesses. That’s because, as a member of your community, we strive to provide the best service at the best price. We see you as something more than a walking wallet… we see you as a valuable client that needs help fast. That’s why we’re here!

With us, you’ll enjoy over-the-phone cost estimates and upfront quotes that don’t try to swindle or deceive you. There are never any hidden charges when you choose us. This is as straightforward as it gets—so don’t settle for less!

Give Us a Call

Chances are, you need our eviction clean outs urgently. Fortunately, we’re able to offer them urgently, too. When you can book an appointment as soon as today or tomorrow, there’s no reason to hesitate. You should give us a call today! Or, if you prefer, contact us online.