Junk removal expert standing in front of a truck

Looking for Swing Set Removal?

Got a rusty old swing set that just doesn’t see much use? Maybe your kids have all grown up and are simply too big for it nowadays. Or, perhaps it’s taking up space at your school, church, or daycare, and it’s too old to keep around. There’s no reason to worry, though. Johnson Junk Removal is here to help, meaning we’ll deal with your swing set removal swiftly! Time to say farewell to goodbye to that swing set and hello to our experienced workers!

Junk removal professionals in front of their truck

Why Us?

Have you asked yourself, “I’m looking for swing set removal near me, but who’s the best choice for the job?” Worry no more. After all, Johnson Junk Removal is your locally operated solution for so many others in and around the Saint Paul area. Friendly service and affordable quotes are what we’re all about! We’ve been the number one business for many customers in the past, whether it was for appliance removal, furniture removal, or even hot tub removal! Needless to say, our professional team will handle your play set removal with relative ease. You might even find yourself surprised at how efficiently we get the job done!

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Getting Started

With all of that said, why wait any longer to start? First, call us to speak with a friendly Johnson Junk Removal employee. Or, if you prefer, contact us online. Either way, this will be your chance to tell us about your swing set removal job. Once you’re done, we’ll give you an over-the-phone estimate and a 2-hour arrival window. Yeah—it’s that simple! Just like that, you already know what to expect from our team!

When we arrive on your site, we’ll take a look at that old swing set and give you an in-person quote. This means that you know the exact dollar value that you’ll pay for the job before we even start. That’s a Johnson Junk Removal guarantee! Then, after you agree, our team will gear up to haul that swing set away. Once we’re done, it’ll be like it was never there in the first place!

Goodbye, Swing Set!

Oftentimes, our competitors show up with unprofessional appearances, sluggish service, and ludicrous surprise fees. With Johnson Junk Removal, you get the best of everything, and we both walk away feeling satisfied! So why settle for less when you can have the best? Again, just give us a phone call or contact us online today! Once your play set removal is complete and that rusty old thing is gone, you’ll be glad you did.