Based in the St. Paul area, Johnson Junk Removal proudly provides junk removal services to the citizens of Mounds View.

Johnson Junk Removal furniture removal


Residing in Mounds View and finding yourself viewing mounds of junk? No matter whether it’s appliances, an old hot tub, or some long-forgotten furniture, we’ve got the service you need to finish the job. Who are we? We’re Johnson Junk Removal, your locally owned junk removal business that’s ready to help, no matter the job. When it comes to your junk removal in Mounds View, we’re eager to show you why exactly we’re the number one solution for all junk removal needs in the area. So, don’t hesitate to give us a phone call!

Couch removal services by Johnson Junk Removal


Sure, we’ve all heard of junk removal businesses, but how many of them go the extra mile to get the job done the right way? Most of the time, these guys roll up in sketchy-looking trucks, and they can’t seem to focus on the job for an hour without needing a smoke break. For your junk removal in Mounds View, you want service—and you want it now! Fortunately, Johnson Junk Removal knows that you’re the top priority and is ready to prove it. We’ve worked in many service areas, and now, we want to work with you. Enjoy a uniformed team that stayed focused and friendly, all for a price that still beats the competition. It’s the best of both worlds, and in this game, you’re the winner! 

Junk removal professional interacting with a client


Getting started with us is so easy, you could probably do it in your sleep. After scheduling a day for our junk removal services with us, we’ll give you a 2-hour arrival window so you know precisely when to expect us. Then, on the day of your appointment, Johnson Junk Removal will show up to your home or business, ready to help you! Just lead us to where that junk’s been taking up space, and we’ll quickly get you an in-person quote. Agree to it, and our team will begin working on that Mounds View junk removal right away. Watch in awe as that junk leaps out of your house and into our truck as if it were at Zero Gravity Trampoline Park. (With all the time we’ll save you, you could take the kids there for real, too!)

Give Us a Call!

So, has your interest been piqued? Wondering if we’re the solution to your junk removal in Mounds View? There’s no need to let your thoughts wander any longer—simply pick up your phone and give us a call. You’ll soon find yourself speaking with an employee here in the Johnson Junk Removal headquarters. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, give you an over-the-phone cost estimate, and schedule an appointment for you. We hope to hear from you shortly!