Where to Dispose of Waste in St. Paul – Everything You Need to Know

As the state capital of Minnesota, St. Paul is full of life, character, and history. However, regardless of where you reside, finding the proper locations for waste disposal can be ambiguous. While booking a junk removal service is a great option, the question of “where to dispose of waste in St. Paul” continues to pop up everyday in the lives of residents and business owners. Don’t worry though, Johnson Junk Removal is here to break down disposal sites for different types of junk to set the new standard of mindful and eco-friendly waste disposal!

Donation Centers

Before immediately turning to throwing your junk away, let’s consider if it’s something that can be donated. Plenty of charity and donation organizations that give back to the community exist in St. Paul. Anything from furniture to children’s toys in fair condition are fair game for accepted donations! Here’s a few local sites:

  • Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center

    • Just a quick 9 minute drive from Downtown St. Paul is the Salvation Army Donation Center. This site accepts a variety of objects, like electronics, clothing, toys, and even furniture. On-site workers are present during business hours to answer any questions and haul your items in the back.
  • Joseph’s Coat

    • Joseph’s Coat is a locally-owned center accepting donations by appointment only. You can schedule a donation drop-off any Tuesday or Thursday between 9am-2:30pm. What makes this organization special is that it directly provides for marginalized communities in need by supplying them with goods at no cost. Although there’s rules on what and how much you can give during one appointment, their website discloses a list of specific items they’re seeking.
  • Goodwill

    • Possibly the largest donation center chain is the old, trusty Goodwill. If you’re looking to get the most junk possible off your hands in one go, this is the spot. St. Paul has two Goodwill locations within a 1.3 mile radius that both accept donations on an everyday basis. Goodwill donation centers accepts furniture items, clothing, housewares, and more.

Recycling Facilities

If you’re still questioning where to get rid of waste in St. Paul, the next important question to ask is if your junk is recyclable, or made of recyclable materials. Much to many people’s surprises, items as bulky as appliances and mattresses can be recycled with the right connection. Of course, everyday recyclables like plastic and cardboard can be recycled as well, usually for free.

  • St. Paul Recycling Drop Off Center

    • For everyday recyclable dumping, the St. Paul Recycling Drop Off Center is the place to go! As long as you’re a St. Paul resident or business owner, you’re free to dump plastics, metal, and glass at no cost. Drop-off hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm and Saturday from 8am-12pm. To find more information about accepted items, click here.
  • Alter Metal Recycling

    • If you’re looking to get rid of aluminum cans or scrap metal while making a quick buck, give Alter Metal Recycling a go. This private, family-owned company has been serving the community for over 50 years and even offers a roll-off service. That makes the metal hauling and removal process that much easier for contractors or others who work with large quantities of metal! The site also gladly accepts lead acid batteries and provides shearing and baling.
  • Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste

    • Do you need to get rid of a solution or product with “caution” or “warning” labels on the packaging? The Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste site will take it off your hands for no or minimal fees. Items you can bring here include, but aren’t limited to, auto fluids, batteries, cleaning agents, and handheld electronics.

Dump Sites

Any items that don’t qualify for donation or recycling must reach a conclusion too! Let’s dive into a few locations that can fit your needs.

  • Summit Hill Yard Waste Collection Site

    • As a St. Paul resident or business owner, you get access to free yard waste dumping at the Summit Hill location, located at 870 Pleasant Ave. During the hours of operation, workers will accept any food waste, leaves, grass, and other landscaping debris, excluding dirt and sod.
  • Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service, Inc.

    • Lastly, a dumping site that essentially takes anything (except for hazardous waste) is Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service, Inc. The company not only provides junk drop-offs, it also offers dumpster rentals designed to make cleanout jobs swifter and more convenient. Keep in mind, however, the dump charges drop-off fees to the public.

Johnson Junk Removal services in MN

Hire Your Local Junk Removal Pros

Are you still asking yourself “where can I get rid of junk in St. Paul?” A highly beneficial option is to hire a local full-service junk hauling company such as ourself. Perfect for large jobs, junk removal in St. Paul with a team like Johnson Junk Removal would cover all junk hauling, removal, and disposal to save you the trouble. If you don’t have the proper time, assistance, or transportation to get rid of your junk, hiring a junk hauler is definitely worth considering!