How to Demolish A Shed On Your Own

Preparing for Shed Demolition

If you don’t know how to demolish a shed, you might be curious about how you can get started. Of course, to be more specific, you need to learn how to safely demolish a shed. After all, safety is paramount, and you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen during this process. Don’t become a news article in the Twin Cities paper!

Before you take on this sort of work, please make sure that you have proper safety equipment. This includes ear plugs, protective eyewear, and thick gloves for the handling of potentially sharp pieces of debris. Additionally, you will want to make sure that all power is disconnected from the shed. It wouldn’t be very fun if you wound up electrocuting yourself during the shed demo process, so make sure this never happens by taking the correct precautions.

It can’t hurt to bring friends along, so why not try that out? If your buddies, siblings, or someone else is willing to lend you their muscle, don’t deny them the opportunity. That way, there will be someone there to pass you tools when you need them or to assist in the cleanup of demolition debris. Just don’t forget to get them something to eat afterward as a way of saying thanks!

You will also want to have the right tools for the job. For example, a pry bar is a fantastic tool for removing stubborn nails and planks. Additionally, you will want a power screwdriver, wrench, and hand saw so no screw, bolt, or board gets in your way. Finally, don’t forget the ladder. Shed removal requires going up high and working from the top down, so if you’re afraid of heights, now’s a good time to back out and choose professional shed demolition services instead.

Old shed with a bike resting on it in need of demolition services.

Starting with Doors and Windows

A shed isn’t really one singular item. It’s more like a bunch of different wooden planks arranged into a larger structure. Therefore, if you know how to tear down planks, you know how to demolish a wood shed. However, you’ll need to remove the door and windows first in order to boil down this task into its simplest form.

Fortunately, removing the doors and windows shouldn’t be incredibly difficult work. Unscrew the hinges from the frame, then just like that, the door should be free. Removing a window isn’t too hard, either. Begin by removing the window trim, then pry the window frame away using your pry bar. Be careful when handling that glass window, though. You don’t want to drop it and cause it to shatter. Handle it with care so you can dispose of it in one piece.

Working Your Way Down

When demolishing a shed, it’s best to start at the top and work toward the bottom. Why? Well, because if you started at the bottom, everything at the top would fall onto you, of course. Make sure you have a ladder handy, then climb up so you can reach the roof of the shed. Once you’ve made it there, start taking it apart, plank by plank. The pry bar is a good tool to use for this job, but if you need to remove any screws or bolts, make sure you have the appropriate tools for that as well. Once the roof has been completely removed, you can focus on removing the walls, then the floor. Finally, what was once a whole structure is now nothing more than a pile of debris. You’ve mastered the process of how to tear down a shed.

Shed Debris Disposal

When the tear-down process is all said and done, and the shed is no longer standing, you’re faced with a brand-new problem. What’s to be done with all that debris? After all, you can’t just leave it there to take up space. In this situation, what you’ll want to do is load the debris into an appropriate vehicle, then take it to a nearby disposal site. That way, you can get rid of the shed debris for good. Just make sure to bring your wallet along because you can probably expect to pay dump fees.

Additionally, some components of the shed, such as scrap metal, may be recyclable. You might want to seek out a nearby recycling center as well for the most eco-friendly disposal possible.

Old shed that can be removed with the right tools

You Can Also Let the Pros Do It

Remember that Johnson Junk Removal can help with the shed debris disposal or even the entire shed demolition process. So if you don’t know how to demolish a shed, and you’re not interested in learning, either, we’d be happy to assist you. Get in touch with our junk removal team, and we can arrange an appointment right away. That way, we can be at your service ASAP! We even offer same-day and next-day availability, so if you need lightning-fast help, know that we can provide it!